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A man from Chicago,
George Pullman, saw an opportunity. He built the
first fancy sleeping and
dining railroad cars . . .
– The Pullman Porter


Paperback: $8.95
978-1-938164-01-9 Amazon BN


Hardcover: $15.95
978-1-938164-00-2 Amazon


Vanita Oelschlager
Mike Blanc

Ages 6-12
46 Pages



Both the nuance of the history and the lucidity of the telling make The Pullman Porter a remarkable achievement. Beyond that, reading The Pullman Porter will inform children and adults alike. Whether Oelschlager's lens pulls back to the larger history surrounding American train travel culture or pulls in to illuminate more intimate moments within the lives of the porters, her telling continues to enchant with a capacious curiosity that is both as wondrous as a child's and as intellectual as any historian's. Coupled with Blanc's illustrations, the reading feels as vivid as watching a film; and, more importantly, this book is simply fun to read.


A. Van Jordan
Author of M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A and The Cineaste



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