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My Grampy Can't Walk



My Grampy can’t walk,
But he works every day.
If you like your job,
He says it’s like play.
– My Grampy Can’t Walk


My Grampy Can't Walk
Vanita Oelschlager
Robin Hegan and
Kristin Blackwood

Ages 4-8
36 Pages

Paperback: $9.95
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Hardcover: $17.95
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My Grampy Can't Walk has received many reviews from around the country. Here are several:

"Told in simple, but heart-warming, language and gorgeous, full-color illustrations, My Grampy Can't Walk is an excellent book for younger children who have a grandparent or other older relative with mobility limitations."

"The story utilizes full color illustrations, poetry, and language conducive to teaching in a classroom or at home. It also holds lessons for older children who can learn about a disease like MS. The lessons of "Grampy" helps take away some of the fear that children have when faced with something they don't understand."

"Written by a grandmother whose husband has muliple sclerosis, My Grampy Can't Walk is a children's picturebook designed to help young people understand family illnesses. A heartwarming, upbeat and positive book, highly recommended."

"This book sheds a light for the young reader on what it is like to have a disability and how normal and even fun life can be despite it. It's an important lesson to learn, not just for the child who has someone in his family with a disability, but perhaps even more importantly for those children who don't."

VanitaBooks donates all net profits to The Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis.


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