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no bee
Mother Goose Other Goose



Lilly McMuffin
sat by her oven,
To see when her
muffins were done.
She left for a minute,
her brother got in it,
And Lilly McMuffin
got none.
- Mother Goose Other Goose


Mother Goose Other Goose
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Vanita Oelschlager
Robin Hegan

Ages 4-8
32 Pages
Hardcover: $17.95



Illustration Technique
By Robin Hegan

To create an old fashioned nostalgic feel, the illustrations for Mother Goose, Other Goose were sketched and shaded in #2 Graphite pencil on Canson 90 lb Watercolor paper. Bright colors of Gouache were added to liven up the "Other Goose" illustration with splashes of color spilling over into the traditional "Mother Goose" illustration. The finished art was sprayed with a matte sealer to prevent the graphite from smudging. The artwork was scanned and the images were placed in the layout to create Mother Goose, Other Goose.

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How the artwork was created.
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