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One day it started to rain.
And rain. And rain.
The small river grew
big and angry.
– I Came From the Water


Paperback: $8.95
978-0-9832904-5-2 Amazon BN


Hardcover: $15.95
978-0-9832904-4-5 Amazon


Vanita Oelschlager
Mike Blanc

Ages 4-8
40 Pages



Winner of a 2013
Nautilus Silver Award

I Came From the Water

Recognizing books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, and positive social change as they stimulate the imagination and inspire the reader to new possibilities for a better world. Nautilus Book Awards Silver and Gold Winners are carefully selected in a unique three-tier judging process by experienced teams of book reviewers, librarians, authors, editors, book store owners, and leaders in the publishing industry.



The Akron Beacon Journal recommends Farfalla and I Came From the Water for Christmas.

December, 2012


"Vanita's book shows the resilience and strength of the Haitian people, using one of the worst disasters to hit Haiti – the Gonaives floods of 2004. The story of Moses portrays both the tragedies and the possibilities of Haiti, and shows how goodwill and benevolence can triumph over the most devastating odds. Written in accessible, simple prose, this book will ring true to those from any part of the world who have had challenges to face in their lives."


Father Rick Frechette
A medical doctor and Catholic priest who directs the Haitian
programs of NPH International. These programs include orphanages, schools, a children’s hospital and more, around Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

"I know Moses personally and was at the hospital when he arrived nameless from the floods. His story was so precious that the only name that was right for him was "Moses." He is now a gift to the other children at our orphanage with his humor and compassion. Vanita captured well the suffering of the children of Haiti in the story of Moses. No matter how often the people are knocked down by hurricanes, floods, violence, earthquakes, their resilience and faith pick them up over and over again."


Sister Judy Dohner
St. Damien’s Hospital

VanitaBooks will donate 10% from each book sold to Father Rick and Sister Judy for their work at St. Damien and St. Helene.


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