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Francesca knew if she
grew up right now
she could be a teacher.
She could spread her
love of books to every
young creature.
- Francesca


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Vanita Oelschlager
Mike Blanc

Ages 4-8
32 Pages
Hardcover: $17.95



By: Ivonne H. Hobfoll, Child Psychologist

WOW! This book is a beautiful and necessary book, not only for children, but also for parents, child caretakers, and child therapists.


In our fast paced world where children are being driven to multiple activities throughout the week to make sure they are "well rounded and successful in life", we don't realize that we are creating Type A Personality Kids; just "mini versions" of the adults, always looking for the goal ahead, even if it means we are not enjoying today, right now. In Francesca Ms. Oelschlager reminds us of the loss. We are forgetting the most important part of childhood, which is to PLAY.


In the process of having fun during play, children are learning about themselves and their world, their abilities, how to make friends, how to cope with all the ups and downs of their lives. Child Psychologists know that Play is a very effective way to reach children and get them to express their fears, joys, anger, and other emotions inside them, including what went on that day in school, or with their pet. It's much easier to revive their fish 10 times in play until they have stopped crying than in real life.


Ms. Oelschlager has made us see the point of play in this very FUN book! Otherwise, Francesca could be one of those adults, who achieves her goals and can't understand why she is depressed. She would have to relearn to "live in the moment and play." I give it a lot of thumbs up!!!

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