no bee
no bee



The squirming caterpillars
crawl up on to the little
Their fur is soft.
The little beetle giggles at
their touch.
"Tee Hee Hee"
– Farfalla


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Vanita Oelschlager
Kristin Blackwood

Ages 4-8
42 Pages



Farfalla (the Italian word for “butterfly”) is a unique look at the death of an unborn child. This subject necessarily must be approached with a high degree of sensitivity. Yet, trying to understand the death of a sister- or brother-to-be is also not an unknown experience faced by many children. Adults struggle to explain how the gift of life can be taken away, sometimes without rhyme or reason. Inspired by experiences of the author’s friends and family, Farfalla offers a way for adults to have that conversation with children.

The story is told from the perspective of young Beetle who, with his mother, meets a crowd of caterpillars in the garden they all frequent. Soon they become friends and he watches in awe as the caterpillars weave themselves into cocoons. A special one catches his attention and Beetle “adopts” it by making all sorts of plans of what they will do together when it hatches. Later, he watches as the cocoons break open one by one and beautiful butterflies emerge and fly away. But the one he counted on to be his playmate does not. He is deeply saddened and understandably confused. Beetle’s mother explains gently that young friends like his who can’t join him in the garden are with others like them in the sky. The story ends with Beetle waving to his friend above and wishing happiness.


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