no bee
no bee



Should someone remind
Elefante that elephants
don't ever forget?
– Elefante


Available in English
and Spanish


English: $6.95
978-0-9826366-4-0 Amazon BN


Spanish: $6.95
978-0-9826366-5-7 Amazon


Vanita Oelschlager
Kristin Blackwood

Ages 0-5
20 Pages



This playful story shows how a bad trait is not always bad.

This is a short story for young children.

This would be a great beginning book for a child.

The book and all of the art are recycled materials.

It has a Spanish version for children who speak Spanish or parents who want to introduce Spanish to their children.

It has an English version for children who speak English or
parents who want to introduce English to their children.

The elephant’s name is Elefante in both the Spanish
and English versions.


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How the artwork was created.
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