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Don't Dangle Your Participle


Paperback: $8.95
978-1-938164-03-3 Amazon BN


Hardcover: $15.95


Vanita Oelschlager
Mike DeSantis

Ages 6-10
42 Pages



Don't Dangle Your Participle asks the question:
What on earth is a participle and how does it dangle?

A participle is a verb that acts like an adjective and comes before
a noun to modify it. If the noun is placed in the wrong part of a
sentence you will end up with a dangling participle.

Words and pictures show children what a dangling participle is all about. Young readers are shown an incorrect sentence that has in it a dangling participle. They are then taught how to make the sentence read correctly. It is done in a cute and humorous way. The dangling participle loses its way and the children learn how to help it find its way back to the correct spot in the sentence. This is followed by some comical examples of sentences with dangling participles and their funny illustrations, followed by an illustration of the corrected sentence. Young readers will have fun recognizing this problem in sentence construction and learning how to fix it.


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