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Carrot was a cat
content day to day.
She would nap until noon,
then head out to play.
– Carrot


Paperback: $8.95
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Hardcover: $15.95
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Vanita Oelschlager
Kristin Blackwood

Ages 4-8
44 Pages




February, 2013


A really nice story to introduce children to the idea that all things have both good & bad points. A great way to get them thinking about things they want, and why maybe it's not really a good idea.




Amazon / Goodreads

February, 2013


Carrot is a sweet book about an orange kitten who comes to realize that being rich and famous isn't everything. The first thing I liked about this book is that it was long enough to read as a bedtime story and actually spend some time with your child. The illustrations are wonderful and take up the full page. The characters are really cute and my kids really got into the story. The book is written in rhyme and that played a part in keeping the attention of the kids. Even my very little ones thought Carrot was cute and wanted to read it a second time. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good old-fashioned children's story where there is nothing offensive. Sweet.




Amazon / Goodreads

February, 2013


Adorable book. Beautiful illustrations and a cute story. My niece loved it! Really nicely written poem story. Reminded me of my own lovely orange kitty!



dashA Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

January, 2013


The rhyming scheme and its cadence reminded me of reading Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline books. But in a few spots, I felt the rhythm wasn't as intuitive as it could have been. After a couple readings, I figured it out and those spots felt fine. It didn't bother my 3 1/2 year old at all, because the first time we read it, she made me read it again three times in a row! Obviously she loved this book. The colorful illustrations grabbed her attention and kept her lingering on each page. She laughed and commented and asked questions throughout the story. I appreciated that there were some "big" words that encouraged her to ask for the meaning, such as cotillion, chiffon, caviar, and socialite - but not too many; she never lost interest, never had trouble following the story.


A standard I use when looking for quality children's books is, could I stand to read this over and over and over again? Carrot definitely meets that criteria, and I can already tell it's going to be a favorite in our house.




What A Slacker!

December, 2012


Dreams are okay, but sometimes reality is even better. Learn to accept what you have in your life through the eyes of an orange tabby cat named Carrot.

Cute kitty adventure illustrations are teamed up with a rhyming text that is sometimes well above a child’s reach (but I guess that is what parents are for — to explain those big words like caviar, champagne and cotillion).



Journey of a Bookseller
Jo Ann Hakola

July, 2012


Remember how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? I've often wished I could have something that someone else has, at least to experience it for a bit. This story relates to that adage.

VanitaBooks and Net Galley let me read an ebook of this story for review (thank you). The book is available for sale at your local bookstore now.

Carrot is the name of orange cat. She's quite content in her lot in life. After all, she's the only cat in the house she lives in and they let her roam and visit the waterfront and the food's good. But then she sees something to make her wonder if maybe she might be missing out...

A very pretty long-haired fluffy white cat lives on a boat! She imagines exotic food, servants to wait on her, a throne, and even more pampering. It's not until she realizes she'd have to stay on the boat and she might get tired of eating fish that she decides she's luckier to be where she is. After all, she'd probably miss out on her bratwurst.

The illustrations are gentle and welcoming and the story is sweet. Why not share a cute tale with your little one? They'll enjoy this tale!



She's Got Books on Her Mind
by Adriana

May, 2012


Carrot the cat has a pretty good life. She lives in a house that's not too big and not too small, she gets to nap the day away, and chase mice up and down streets but also ends up helping a mouse recovering from the flu.

One day she sees this cat on a boat but not just any boat - a yacht. She starts imagining what life would be like as this beautiful and rich cat. Infinite amounts of comfort, food, and grooming. Doesn't sound too bad but really what would her family do without her and is that life really worth it?

Okay. This was my first review of a picture book in a long time. As you know I've decided to read more picture books so here's the first in what I hope to be many. So far so good.

I love cats even though they do tend to break my heart. I've raised a kitten before and you can't believe the quirks you notice on a cat that you raised. So of course I wanted to read this book and especially with all the hilarious cat photos cropping up all over the place I felt like reading a book about cats.

Maybe it's just me but the rhymes felt not as natural as I would have liked. I think it's just because it's a new author and I'm pretty new at reviewing picture books. It was a nice tale about loving where you are and who you are but it didn't make me jump for joy at how amazing it was.

The illustrations were pretty unique in that it looked like the pictures were cut out and pasted to make a 3-D effect without it actually being a pop-up book. It was a nice effect but the pictures were all right. I rather have had the colors encompass the whole page though. I don't want a patch of white on my picture book. It was still a nice read and according to the back of the book the net profits of the book will go to charitable organizations including the author's husbands disease - multiple sclerosis which is a truly great thing and I commend the author on doing that. Also she has her own publishing - VanitaBooks so she's indie! A great thing to be.

by Samantha Tai

February 19, 2012

dashSunflowers at Home's Book Reviews 4 U 2
by Ginny

February 8, 2012


The Baytown Sun
by Joan Martin

July 10, 2011


Carrot Cat is as orange as a carrot. Like all us readers she has dreams of a different life.


On a visit to the wharf she sees a yacht at the pier. On board is a beautiful white fluffy cat. She sleeps on a pile of pillows nearly 20 feet tall. Surely her parents were a king and a queen.


When Carrot returned to her humdrum life she began to dream of sitting on a throne and wearing a collar of diamonds and pearls, and drinking milk-flavored champagne.


But Carrot began to realize it would be hard on her fur and no real mice would be available for her to chase. Carrot's dream of becoming a luxury cat began to unravel. Her own real life family would miss her.


It might be nice for a day, but to live her whole life that way? Absolutely not!


In the pattern of life it is always greener on the other side of the fence, the reader and Carrot come to appreciate naps, playing outside with friends, a house not too big, not too small.


Besides if Carrot was not there, who would take soup to a mouse with the flu?


Kristin Blackwood's illustrations are dedicated to all the cats she knows. Any orange cat would be proud of being depicted so gigantic and colorful.

VanitaBooks donates all net profits to The Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis and other charities where "people help people help themselves."


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