no bee
no bee



“The Johnny Raw; can
you act the perfect
country bumpkin?”
Ariel looked to James,
to Thaddeus,
in perfect confusion.
– Ariel Bradley


Paperback: $6.99
978-0-9832904-8-3 Amazon BN


Hardcover: $9.99
978-0-9832904-9-0 Amazon


Lynda Durrant
Joe Rossi

Ages 4-8
56 Pages



This story is about a real boy who made a real difference in the history of our young country.

This is a little known and true story about George Washington.

The suspense and humor in the book will engage the school age child.

It is a must have for every school and hometown library.


VanitaBooks will donate all net profits from this book to Fisher House Foundation.


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