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My friend Lincoln says
you have two dads.
That's right. Poppa
and Daddy.
– A Tale of Two Daddies


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A companion to A
Tale of Two Mommies

Paperback: $8.95
978-0-9819714-6-9 Amazon BN

Hardcover: $15.95
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Vanita Oelschlager
Kristin Blackwood
and Mike Blanc

Ages 4-8
42 Pages



CCBC Choices 2011

A Tale of Two Daddies
One of the best children's and young adult books published in 2010

CCBC Choices 2011 recommends 240 books for children and young adults from birth through high-school age.



ALA Rainbow Project

A Tale of Two Daddies
October Nomination 2010
Recommended GLBTQ Books for Young Readers

The Rainbow Project is a joint project of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table and the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association.  The Rainbow Project presents an annual bibliography of quality books with significant and authentic GLBTQ content, which are recommended for people from birth through eighteen years of age.

Two Daddies’ is a heartwarming book. It provides a platform for discussing a timely topic: the love and support all children want, and need, from their parents and peers.


Stephen L. Cosby, M.D.
Division Director, Pediatric Psychiatry & Psychology
Akron Children’s Hospital
Akron, Ohio


dashConveying a message in a rhythmic arrangement, A Tale of Two Daddies is a charming story about a forthright girl with two daddies who responds to a friend’s curiosity about her family by wisely explaining each of their roles. “Poppa’s the one when I need braids. Daddy is there when I’m afraid.”

The story’s style is similar to Lesléa Newman’s books, Daddy, Papa, and Me and Mommy, Mama, and Me, but it differs by offering another layer to the issues that children from same-sex parents deal with when they are faced with the natural inquisitive nature of peers.

There are few picture books which touch on the subject of same-sex parents, especially two daddies. The premise of the story is like, And Tango Makes Three, as it highlights the idea that families are formed by care and love and, particularly in the case of same-gender parents, not defined by sexuality.

Carolyn S. Brodie, PhD
Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Kent State University
School of Library and Information Science


dashBooks that "Stand on the Side of Love"

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