no bee
no bee
Air Mask



Wall Walking
The first thing he noticed
Before they diagnosed his MS
If he walked touching walls
He fell a lot less.
- Air Mask


Air Mask
Vanita Oelschlager
Dave Shoenfelt
Trio Design & Marketing Communications
Trio Publishing

60 Pages
Softcover: $19.95



By Dave Shoenfelt

The photography in Air Mask shows how two images depend on each other to make a single statement. As such, it serves as a wonderful metaphor for the journey of Vanita and Jim's lives that is shared in the pages of this book. Each pair of items was photographed together and then separated digitally so that the items could be printed on opposite sides of the vellum paper. Because the paper is not opaque, the items appear as a unit yet upon closer inspection, they are a single image on the page.

The photo of the two items together.

The eggs and nest separated so that each one can print on opposite sides of the vellum page.


VanitaBooks donates all net profits from the sale of Air Mask to The Oak Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis.


How the artwork was created.
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